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Street Artist in Residence | Shadow Monster Bear | LA Residency

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About the Program

Founded: 2016, non-profit (501c3)   


Term: Applicants may request a one, two, or three-month residency. 

Location: The residency program is currently hosted at 2 locations: House of Trestles in San Clemente, California and Mizata Point Resort in El Salvador

Provided: Transportation to and from airport. Lodging at House of Trestles or Mizata Point during residency. A stipend for paint to be used on pre-approved SAiR projects. Storage for supplies and materials. 

Residents Responsibility: Airfare, food during residency, money for additional transportation, supplies and materials.

Walls: SAiR was founded for street artists by street artists and therefore residents are encouraged to complete non-sanctioned work during their stay. SAiR will provide residents guidance and assistance locating walls. In addition SAiR may provide sanctioned walls for murals in various locations.

In the interest of full transparency, please read through all FAQs before applying.