Getting Up

Includes behind the scenes content and care package distribution on Skid Row.
Special thanks to all of those who donated their time, funds and materials to make this amazing project a reality. 


October 18, 2017

On the Seventh Day HA Crew finished their epic, absolutely stunning War Kiss Mural, Long Beach, California. 

El Kode 
Kastro Pintor
Richi Motta 
El Gesak 


Meryein Ge

Daniel Tudela Martinez


"Our mural proposal consists of a reinterpretation of the M...

Collaboration between @indeclineofficial + @banditstreetart + @ninjagraffiti

Collaboration with Indecline + Bandit+ Ninjagraffiti 

Location:  Los Angeles St. & Winston St. DTLA

August 29, 2017

Beginning Sep. 21, four members of the Santiago, Chile-based  HA CREW  will take part in a 26-day art residency on the streets of  southern California. First formed in 1996, the HA CREW is well-known in Santiago, a city renowned by street artists as something...

"Love Rises Up" now playing 24/7. Laguna Beach theater takeover in reaction to the America First rally protest that occurred at Main Beach in Laguna Beach on August 20, 2017. A simple concept for confusing race war humans have created. Collab with @Bandi...

August 23, 2017

HA Crew, our September/October 2017 Street Artist in Residence, are one of Chile's longest standing "old school" graffiti collectives. This esteemed 4 man crew comprised of Gesak HacruAlan ZarateRichi Mota, and Miguel Ángel Castro Cifuentes, are internationally acc...

August 2, 2017

Bandit and SAiR Present: "LA Residency" was a month long labor of love for Bandit, Street Artist in Residence, and House of Trestles. But we'd do it all over again for the opportunity to share the art and especially the artists we love and look up to with you.  Check o...

July 5, 2017

Bandit, in association with Street Artist in Residence , presents the “LA Residency”. Los Angeles' finest and most recognized street artists unite in San Clemente to bring you an incredibly unique exhibition of exquisite eye candy. 

WRDSMTH, Megzany, Teachr, Balloonski,...

June 27, 2017

Bandit and Eideaz, the artist and the mastermind behind "Message in a Bottle",  the mural standing boldly outside the 2017 Sawdust Art Festival in Laguna Beach, CA.  Each bottle contains its own form of sea life, existing in polluted habitats created from our own negle...

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Street Artist in Residence
@ House of Trestles
2717 S. El Camino Real
San Clemente, CA  92672