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An internationally acclaimed street artist, Francisco Camilo from Santarém, Portugal was born with paint in his veins. He studied art in high school and then, at his family’s request, began formal training in architecture. But his calling was clearly art and he soon returned to painting at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Lisbon. It was here that he befriended other artists who were into graffiti and “it was like love at first spray,” he recalls. “I got completely into it since then. These days, most of the hours of my day are spent painting with spray cans.”

Camilo is as comfortable on smaller canvases as he is on large outdoor walls. He is known for spectacular and bold imagery, marrying street and fine art in captivating representations of the human form. His unique and vivid visions incorporate metaphysical theories, combining realism with the abstract. He currently divides his time between various commissions, festivals, and exhibitions.

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