LA RESIDENCY July 28-30, 2017

Bandit, in association with Street Artist in Residence, presented the “LA Residency”. Los Angeles' finest and most recognized street artists united in San Clemente to bring the public an incredibly unique exhibition of exquisite eye candy. Widely known as an artist residency program for international street artists, SAiR opened it’s doors for the first time to Los Angeles based Street Artists.  


“LA Residency” opened at House of Trestles on Friday, July 28th, 2017 and ran one weekend only through July 30, 2017.


Participating Artists Included: WRDSMTH, Megzany, Teachr, Earl Lee, Soap Tron, Mr. Romano, Skechy, Andrea LaHue, Jason Ostro, Cyrus Howlett, Duzer, John Ashbaugh, Olive 47, TSmoktTree, Sellout_TCF, Free Humanity, ShadowMonsterBear, Sara Sandoval, Bryan Snyder, Karin Lindberg Freda, Eideaz, C/Greed, Balloonski, Alec Takumi, Pastey Whyte, and Julie Faith

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