Street artists play an integral role in our community, giving underground currents a voice. For this reason, we created the Street Artist in Residence program. The objective of the program is to provide international street artists with a unique experience, a connection to the local street art scene, and maximum exposure for their work.

Residencies range from 30-90 days, during which time artists stay on-site and interact with fellow world travelers at the House of Trestles in the beautiful beach town of San Clemente California or at Mizata Point Resort, an oceanfront sustainable eco-village in El Salvador. During their stay, the residents are given wall space at the House of Trestles or Mizata Point for murals that will set the backdrop for their capstone art exhibit at the end of their residency.

The connection to the local Street Art scene is done in collaboration with the SAiR board members and includes a primer on street art in the area, an overview of available wall space, and an introduction to local Street Art publications and members of the Street Art Community.

The ultimate goal of the SAiR program is to maximize the exposure and brand ID for international street artists. The success of the residency is ultimately determined by the work ethic and determination of the resident. The SAiR board provides assistance with marketing, networking, and press releases.