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PETRE 06 - MAY/JUNE 2017

Twenty-one year old Petre Mirea, known on the streets of Romania as PETRE 06, began studying art at the age of 12. During the day he attended the Liceul De Arte Plastice Hans Mattis-Teusch and by night he painted the streets. After graduation, Petre combined his art studies and graffiti skills in a nomadic world tour, painting murals on the festival scene.

Petre’s style is unique and refreshing in an art world cluttered with pop art. He works with oils, acrylics, coffee, ball-point pen, and markers, but his primary medium is spray paint. He explores his own perspective on the current state of humanity, using scale and color to provoke thought. “Sometimes it’s about the soul and the meaning of life,” he says, “but every time it’s about having fun and enjoying life.”

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