LA Residency: An Epic Success


Bandit and SAiR Present: "LA Residency" was a month long labor of love for Bandit, Street Artist in Residence, and House of Trestles. But we'd do it all over again for the opportunity to share the art and especially the artists we love and look up to with you. Check out our Facebook and Insta feeds for pix of the event. Or better yet, send us yours!

SAiR & LA Residency in the papers

Our thank you list is not oscar-nominee long but we do truly appreciate all these people have done for us. If you have the chance, please support them as they have supported us:

First, a big group hug to our family of LA Residency artists. We (obviously) could not have made this happen without you. Thank you for you for taking the time to drive down to House of Trestles, thank you for your willingness to participate in LA Residency, and thank you for your support and belief in our program. You beautiful people are the reason we do what we do at SAiR.

Scroll down to the end of this post for the full list of participating artists including links to their work.

Thanks Earl Lee for supplying all the paste for the entire show. Earl Lube Paste, you guys. The minty fresh magic elixir made w/ eleven herbs & spices. @All the girls love Earl @Earllubeindustries

Get yours at ArtSupplyWarehouse.

Earl Lube

Thank you Andrea La Hue aka Random Act for lending an air of grace and authenticity to our event with your gorgeous live painting. Clearly a hit!

Thank you Dawn and The Cellar for donating all the delicious wine, cheese, and snacks. Our guests loved it and we love you!

The Cellar's Dawn Provance with SAiR Co-chair Josh Host

Thank you Artifex Brewing Company. You have believed in SAiR from the start and it means the world to us.

We're family now.


Thanks to Red Bull for hooking us up, too.

Red Bull in the arsenal

Thank you to California Grill Truck and Sana's Curry Bowl for feeding our guests with smiles on your faces all night.

DJs Elliot Barbernell, Michael Veigh, Robert, and Hollie, Music makes the world go 'round. You guys kept the party flowing and happy. Thank you!

Thanks Elliot

To our stellar SAiR Volunteer Squad, we could not have pulled this off without you.

To our friends, families, and fans of street art, we salute you, too. We built it and you showed up. We are humbled and honored.

'Till next time...

Here is a list of all the artists that participated in LA Residency and their Instagram feeds. Follow them!

WRDSMTH @wrdsmth

MegZany @megzany

Teachr @teachr1

Earl Lee @allthegirlsloveearl

Soap Tron @soaptron

Mr. Romano @mrramano

Skechy @skechy_art

Andrea LaHue aka Random Act @andrealahue

Jason Ostro @jasonostro

Cyrus Howlett @cyrus_the_vyrus

Duzer @nun2it

John Ashbaugh @johnnysartwork

Olive47 @olive47

TSmokeTree @tsmokestree

Sellout TCF @sellout_tcf

Free Humanity @freehumanity

ShadowMonsterBear @shadowmonsterbear

Sara Sandoval @simplysaraart

Snyder @snyderart

Karin Lindberg Freda @karin_withaneye

Eideaz @eideaz

C Greed @cgreed_art

Balloonski @balloonski

The FlatEarth @the_flatearth

Morley @official_morley

Alec Takumi @alectakumi

Pastey Whyte @pasteywhyte

Julie Faith @_juliefaith_

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