Next Up For SAiR: HA Crew from Santiago, Chile

HA Crew on tap for SAiR

HA Crew, our September/October 2017 Street Artist in Residence, are one of Chile's longest standing "old school" graffiti collectives. This esteemed 4 man crew comprised of Gesak Hacru, Alan Zarate, Richi Mota, and Miguel Ángel Castro Cifuentes, are internationally acclaimed for their signature style which reflects their very specific approach to social and personal themes. Their productions have ranged from hard core graffiti to modern interpretations of the classics such as Picasso, Klimt, and Michelangelo. Plans are being made, walls are being scouted, and their show is in the works. September and October 2017 is gonna be FIRE! Stay Tuned!

Check out their website here: HACREW WEBSITE

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