HA Crew: War Kiss, Long Beach, CA

October 18, 2017


On the Seventh Day HA Crew finished their epic, absolutely stunning War Kiss Mural, Long Beach, California. 



 El Kode 
Kastro Pintor
Richi Motta 
El Gesak 


Meryein Ge

Daniel Tudela Martinez




"Our mural proposal consists of a reinterpretation of the Masterpiece “The Kiss” by the Austrian artist Gustav Klimt. The artwork takes as a central element the union that takes place between the two protagonists through the kiss. It is the union of two concepts, Man and War. Man kisses and embraces the war. The war is the woman, that is represented by the incorporation of traces of the “calaca” (a latin archetype of death) and by the replacement of the original floral motifs of the garments by new flowers made with bullets, bills, bones, and elements that remember the pain of the war. It is a metaphor of how man embraces and kisses what he really says to hate. It is a claim that seeks to highlight the fact that man at heart loves war, finances, designs, and relies on it as the central base of the progress. We include some conceptual proposals of floral patterns of the clothings." - HA CREW



Here's a little behind the scenes action...


 Video: Adam Casper

Photo: Julie Faith, Adam Casper



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